purosungki: "Goodmorning ate jaiiiii happy easter!!"

"Yanna" that’s a pretty nicky <3 Hiiii, good morning! Happy Easter :)

HAPPY 420 ϡ 

babaengbipolarbear: "Good morning ate jai! happy easter!"

Good Morning to you too! Happy Easter. God Bless :)

“Sometimes, the hardest people to love are the ones who need it the most.” — Laura Weis (via writinglolita)

zxczaivbnm: "Good morning, Ate Jai! :)"

Good Morning Czai! Anong sunod-sunod na diet ng patient after surgery? :)))jk 

I’ll get off earlier this time. Boyfie’s going to wake up early and I need to make our time worth it before we close our eyes.

So yea, good night everyone *u*

If you don’t strategically eat your food so that the last bites to go in your mouth are the tastiest look at your choices

“I’d risk my heart for you” — SixWordStory

One day, let’s just stay home and do nothing at all. Let’s just lay down on the couch and sleep all day. We don’t need sweet music, all we have to do is to listen to each other’s heartbeat. We don’t need a blanket, all we need is each other’s embrace. 

Let’s just talk about random things, anything under the sun, as the two of us are staring at the ceiling. Or we could just look at each other and have a staring contest. the first one to look down, will be the loser. And we could memorize each other’s face using our fingers. I want to hold your face with my hand. I want to kiss, badly. But cheek kisses will do. 

One day, all of this things will happen. And that day, will be one of the most memorable moments of our life.