g o o d n i g h t *u*

30 minute extension rule;

Bryan and I, every night before getting to bed we ask each other’s schedule the next morning. Then we adjust the time of our sleep. And everytime, just everytime, we make an allowance of 30 minutes before the actual time of our sleep. For example, tonight, we had a deal to sleep at 12 but we say that we’ll be sleeping at 11:30. Because we will still be having some extra idon’tknows for half an hour. Hahaha. Sometimes we even go beyond 30 minutes.

“I think that the whole point of being with someone is so you can talk to them and let go of everything, and even when you’re at your worst, they still like you, they still want to speak to you and care about you.” — (via ginniemouse)

“People just don’t seem to get it. ‘I love you’ does not mean you belong only to me and I’ll share you with no one else. It means that even if I spent an eternity away from you I’ll still remember how your coffee tastes like, or how you like your tea (extra sugar but no milk), what’s your favorite shampoo scent, and how home should smell like (like fruity shampoo and stingy cologne on the pillow I hide my face in from the early morning sun, like pancakes early on a Sunday morning or late on a Wednesday night, but mostly, like you held in my arms everywhere and every when). Love is not a contract you hold someone’s heart by, love is sharing the ones you love with the world knowing that they’ll always come home to you in the end.” — (via rianiiism)

Anonymous: "ang hirap pagsabihan mga lalake :(( haixt"

'Wag mo pagsabihan. He has it's own mind to make decisions and to verdict a certain act/thing. You'll just get tired nagging over him. So stop ;)

secondchancelovers: "no problem ate :)"

Are you not getting to bed yet? :)

byallodds: "yep, haha! Oh no, the feels after exam talaga. Exhausting lels. And me and my mom quarreled all day ugh. Goodnighttt! :*"

But that’s a pretty sign my brain worked. Wow, it works. Hahahaha. You should fix that before getting to bed :) Good Night! :)

13. Life goal(s)

  • Get my license this year
  • Immediately find a good job 
  • Earn for the rest of my life, jkHAHAHA until 28 maybe?
  • Payback my parents
  • Establish a happy family
  • Help people
  • Live merrily 

*crossfingers* Thank youuuu! :)

byallodds: "sayang lol how's ur exam? :)"

Kase may nakauna na? Hahaha. It was good, lol that’s because I don’t have any choice. But my head felt like it’s going to explode after the exam ~_~ How’s your day? :)

byallodds: "1 :)"

Taposh na :D Hahaha. Hi!