A guy who will make me blush. A guy who would give sweet talks about me. I mean, someone who appreciates me. The way I smile which he sees it as the most beautiful smile. The way I dress which he notices it everytime we go out or just hang out together. The way I talk which he thinks is smart although I am not a type of girl enlisted on lists of smart students in school. Everything about me which he adores, and I find it sweet when a guy does these.

A guy who would make me lean on his chest. A guy who would chose to make his chest as my bed for the whole time that we spend each others presence. Where I could hear his heartbeat, through my ears. Where I can feel the rise and fall of his diaphragm as he watch and stare at every detail of my face. A guy who will play with my hair and sniffs it. Wouldn’t that be sweet?

A guy who would piss me off to sweetness. Who would tease me with my messy hair, that I look like a witch. Who would make fun of my laugh or would burst his laugh out when I make weird faces. Or someone who says I’m fat but still says he loves me. Who would definitely piss me on how he sees my imperfection but would just stare at me then shows his manly-smirk and sweetly say "Baby, you know how you’re beautiful in my eyes." and would just hug me tightly.

A guy who would surprise me every now and then. When he surprises me just like before he asked me to be his girlfriend — I find that sweet. Just take note on his time and effort and the money he would spare if he gives me gifts or take me to a place. To a guy who gives me surprises even if its not our anniversary or my birthday would definitely make a girl stay on him.

A guy who’s always proud of me. Someone who would chose to go out with me rather than with his friends. Then she would just hold unto my waist as we stroll around the park where alot of people can stare at us. Him telling all the people that’s looking at us that I am his girl and he’s very thankful about that. Making others envy. Making others wish they could have the same guy that I’m holding his hands right now. Making others believe that relationship like ours is possible.

A guy who make me feel secure. Someone who would protect me in every way. Who loves to just make me sit beside him so that in his reach he can easily hug me tight. Who gives his oversized shirt when I want to change my clothes. Who gives his jacket when I’m cold instead of him using it. Someone who would just protect me physically but someone who protects me emotionally too. That he would make time for me in listening my thoughts or even my cry. And I may be an annoying girl who tends to have dramas sometimes, he still sees it as my soft fragile side. His patience and protection in me is what I’ll love to that man.

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